Terms of Procedure

Terms of Procedure
The Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award
for an outstanding publication on media and communications

The Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award was established to mark the 5th anniversary of the passing away of Karol Jakubowicz. The Polish Communication Association and Karol Jakubowicz’ friends agreed on establishing annual editions of the Award. The goal of the Award is to keep the memory of outstanding contributions by Karol Jakubowicz – media expert, associated with several institutions, including the National Broadcasting Council, the Council of Europe, the European Broadcasting Union, UNESCO and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The Award is founded by Małgorzata Semil-Jakubowicz.

The goal of the Award is to honor and promote scientific publications with original and significant contribution to communications and media, in particular in regard to the role of media in the democratic processes and the importance of journalistic ethics.

§ 1
1. The award is granted annually by the Selection Committee, which consists of experts who established the Award. Members of the Committee are appointed indefinitely and can withdraw only by their own decision.
2. The Committee can be joined by recipients of the Award.
3. The Committee is managed by the Chair, who is elected by members of the Committee with a simple majority of votes.
4. Since 2018 the Committee includes: Małgorzata Semil-Jakubowicz (Honorary Member of the Committee), Iwona Hofman (Chair of the Committee), Alicja Jaskiernia, Hanna Machińska, Michał Głowacki, Beata Klimkiewicz, Elżbieta Matynia, Halina Rostek.

§ 2
1. Submissions of publications to the Award are made by members of the Committee, Recipients of the Award and Editors of Central European Journal of Communication. The submission shall contain justification, a written consent of the Author and one copy of the publication.
2. Every applicant shall have the right to submit a maximum of two proposals.
3. The first edition of the Award is granted for publications in the years 2016–2017. In each subsequent edition the applicants take into account Polish and/or international contributions, published in the year of the Award edition and the year preceding the Award edition.

§ 3
1. The recipient of the Award is selected by the members of the Committee, by a simple majority present at the meeting. Members who cannot join the meeting may send their votes which are also taken into account.
2. The prize of the Award is 7,000 PLN and a Diploma.
The Committee reserves the right not to grant the Award or to divide it among several recipients.

§ 4
1. The recipient/recipients of the Award and justification are announced publicly on April 28th , the day of the passing away of Karol Jakubowicz.
2. The Committee will publish the date and place of the award ceremony on the website of the Polish Communication Association.

§ 5
The Chair of the Committee has the decisive vote in matters of dispute or those which are not covered by the Terms of Procedure.





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