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Published: 12.04.2017


Cracow, 26 – 28 September 2013
III Congress
Polish Communication Association

We are pleased to invite you cordially to Cracow, to take part in the III Congress of the Polish Communication Association. This time the main topic of the III Congress will be the phenomenon of mediatization – the broad, multidirectional influences and cross-references between the media and the forms and content of social life..

Contemporary human beings get acquainted with social life to the large extent through the intermediary of communication media. The media not only reflect, but also create images of the world. They represent spheres of life we cannot reach directly, but they also provide interpretive frames for familiar as well as unknown phenomena and events. The media also shape our political life, thus influencing the forms of democracy in a direct and indirect manner. They set the social agenda, pointing to the relevance of various social problems and proposing their solutions. They do legitimize or marginalize the needs and interests of different groups and communities. They shape cultural hierarchy, influence cultural tastes and lifestyles, and decide about the ways the people participate in culture.

We are delighted to invite the members of different PCA sections, as well as other scholars to participate in the III Congress by presenting papers and taking part in the discussions within the scope of different thematic sessions, devoted to various aspects of the mediatization processes. Hopefully, this will enable manifold interactions between the members of different PCA sections and the academics representing various research paradigms. Moreover, we expect an interesting confrontation of opinions and a multifaceted analysis of the mediatization phenomena, combining theoretical thinking with empirical research. Also methodological reflections concerning the methods and techniques of the research on the processes of mediatization will be welcome, with the utmost interest.

The proceedings of the Congress will be held in Polish and English.

Co-organizers of the III Congress of Polish Communication Association:

Institute of Journalism and Social Communication
at the Department of Management and Social Communication
Jagiellonian University, Cracow

The Pontifical University Of John Paul II, Cracow





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