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In accordance to its Statute, the Polish Communication Association may provide the awards in the form of honorary membership for outstanding scientific achievements and contribution to the promotion and development of research in the field of communication and media. So far honorary memberships of the Polish Communication Association have been awarded to prof. Walery Pisarek – senior Polish media researcher, prof. Wolfgang Donsbach and prof. Wayne Wanta – advocates for the development of Polish media studies abroad as well as prof. Jerzy Mikułowski Pomorski and prof. Tomasz Goban-Klas.

In 2011, the Executive Committee of the Polish Communication Association granted the honorary membership to dr. Karol Jakubowicz for his contribution to the development of media and communication studies in Poland and abroad. The ceremony will take place 22 September 2011 during the international conference “Political Communication in the Era of New Technologies”, to be held at the University of Warsaw.


of the Polish Communication Association

Prof. dr hab. Walery Pisarek

15 September 2008
was one of the first scholar doing research on media and communication in Poland. He is the author of numerous publications emphasizing the history of the Polish language, journalism theory and mass communication. He worked at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. In the period of 1969-2000 he served as director of the Centre for the Research on Press in Cracow. He was the first President of the Polish Language Council.

Prof. Wolfgang Donsbach

15 September 2008
was a professor of communication and the founding director of the Department of Communication at Dresden University of Technology, Germany. He received PhD and postdoctoral dissertation at the University of Mainz. He also was a lecturer at the universities in Dortmund, Mainz, and Berlin. From 1995 to 1996 he was President of the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) and from 2004 to 2005 he was President of the International Communication Association (ICA). He has been the managing editor of the “International Journal of Public Opinion Research”. He was the general editor of the “International Encyclopedia of Communication”.

Prof. Jerzy Mikułowski Pomorski

15 September 2008
was a sociologist and media expert in the field of sociology of culture, international relations and intercultural communication. In the 1970s he was the Head of the Division of International Economic Organizations at the Economic University in Cracow. He then was Deputy Director of the Institute for International Socio-Economic Affairs, Head of the Department of European Studies as the Rector of the Economic University in Cracow. He also worked at both the Silesian University in Katowice and the School of Social Sciences.

Prof. Wayne Wanta

15 September 2010
holds the Welch-Bridgewater Chair in the School of Journalism and Broadcasting at Oklahoma State University (USA). He has authored and co-authored four books and more than 150 refereed journal articles and convention papers, many dealing with the agenda-setting function of the news media. He is also the former President of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Prof. Tomasz Goban-Klas

15 September 2010
is a media expert in the field of public opinion research, communication, sociology of culture as well as mass communication theory. He graduated from the Jagiellonian University. He then worked at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences and further served as scientific secretary of the Centre for the Research on Press in Cracow. In the early 1990s he was a professor at the Institute of European Studies in Vienna. In 1992-1996 he was Vice-President of the Journalists` Association of the Republic of Poland (SDRP).

Karol Jakubowicz, PhD

22 September 2011
was a media expert on electronic media at the Council of Europe, the European Union, the European Broadcasting Union and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. He has been Chairman of the Intergovernmental Council of the UNESCO Information for All Programme and a member of the Independent Media Commission in Kosovo. In 2005-2006 he was the Chairman of the Steering Committee on the Media and New Communication Services at the Council of Europe. He has worked in academia, in the media industry and in the National Broadcasting Council of Poland. His publications on media and communication studies have been published in Poland and internationally.

Prof. Wiktor Pepliński

15 September 2012
is an expert of media studies. He is conducting research on history of media and its metamorphoses since 1989 in Poland. He is the author of many books and articles, some of them explore media systems in the nord Polish region Kaszuby. He has been a member of many expert teams worked over the standards of journalistic studies in Poland and Polish Accreditation Commission. He is a member of editorial board of several communication and media academic journals in Poland.

Prof. Jane Leftwich Curry

12 June 2014
is a professor of political science at Santa Clara University in California, USA. She visited Poland for the first time in the 1960s. After that she often returned there. She has published a lot of books, seven monographs and about 40 articles and chapters. She has been the editor or co-editor of more than twelve collective books. Above all, books such as Central and East European Politics: From Communism to Democracy (Roman and Littlefield, 2007), Poland’s Journalists: Professionalism and Politics (Cambridge University Press, 1990) and The Black Book of Polish Censorship (Random House and Vintage Press, 1984) are very important and fundamental for understanding the processes that took place in communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe and in the post-communist period.

Prof. Jerzy Olędzki

16 September 2016
is a professor of the University of Warsaw, and the University of Stefan Wyszynski. He was a visiting professor at Ohio University (USA). He is the author of publications related to public relations. He is a member of many editorial boards of academic journals. He was a co-founder of PCA and a member of Executive Committee of PCA in the period of 2010-2013.

Prof. Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska

19 September 2019
is a professor at the University of Wrocław, Head of the Department of Social Communication and Journalism at the Institute of Political Science of the University of Wrocław. Her research interests include political communication, journalism and media systems. She collaborated with D. Hallin and P. Mancini. She has managed numerous projects. She has published over 100 works, including 11 monographs, is the editor of over 20 collective works, the author of over 30 chapters in collective works and articles in Polish and foreign journals. Prof. Dobek-Ostrowska is the Editor of the PTKS journal "Central European Journal of Communication" and many publishing series. She is the former President of the International Federation of Communications Societies, member of the editorial boards of the magazines "Communication Theory" (ICA), "Medidlni Studia, Cesky a Slovensky Ćtvrtletnik pro Kritickou Reflexi Módii" (Czech Republic), "Media Transformations” (Lithuania), "The Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication" (Romania).

Associate Professor Zbigniew Oniszczuk

19 September 2019
was the media expert from the University of Silesia. He worked at the Department of Journalism since 1981. He was the Head of the Department of International Communication and Media Systems. He was the author of almost 80 articles and dissertations on the problems of the functioning of mass media, their relationship with the political system, media participation in political communication, public relations and changes in media systems. Since 2004 he was a member of the German Society of Media Studies (Deutsche Gesellschaft fir Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft). Prof. Oniszczuk was the co-founder and vice-president of the Polish Society for Social Communication (PTKS). He was responsible for the prestigious competition for the PTKS award for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of media science and social communication.





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