The Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award

Since 2018 the Polish Communication Association has been an institutional partner of “Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award”. The Award was established in 2018 by Małgorzata Semil-Jakubowicz; it is granted to outstanding contributions in the areas of scientific interests of Karol Jakubowicz. The overall goal is to support scholars who contribute to studies on democracy, human rights, policy-making, media ethics and public service media. The Executive of the Award includes Iwona Hofman (President of the Polish Communication Association), Małgorzata Semil-Jakubowicz (Founder of the Award), Hanna Machińska (Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights, Poland), Alicja Jaskiernia (University of Warsaw), Beata Klimkiewicz (Jagiellonian University), Michał Głowacki (Editor-in-chief of “Central European Journal of Communication”), Elżbieta Matynia (The New School for Social Research) and Halina Rostek (National Broadcasting Council, Poland).

In 2018 the Awards were granted to Maria Nowina Konopka (Jagiellonian University) and Jakub Nowak (Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin). An Award for long-time contributions to the theory and practice of public service media was granted to Christian S. Nissen, international expert and former Director General of Danmarks Radio. In 2019 “Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award” was granted to Małgorzata Adamik-Szysiak (Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin) and Maria Łoszewska-Ołowska (University of Warsaw).


Photo: Members of the Executive and Winners of the first and the second edition of “Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award” during the Award ceremonies: conference of the European Media Management Association (Warsaw, June 15, 2018) and the 5th congress of the Polish Communication Association (Warsaw, September 19, 2019).
Photo by: Paweł Brzeziński, Jarosław Królikowski, Anna Onuszczuk, Anna Zapolska-Downar (Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw).

In 2020 the Executive and previous Award winners nominated six books for “Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award” with – for the first time ever – one book published outside Poland. This is a sign for internationalisation strategy adopted by the Executive during the meeting at the Bureau of Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland. Nominating books for the next year’s edition will be a joint initiative of Polish and international scholars. The Award winner is announced on April 28, a day of passing away of Karol Jakubowicz.


Photo: The Executive decides on nominated books for “Media and Democracy Karol Jakubowicz Award” (Warsaw, March 11, 2020).
Photo by: The Office of the Commissioner of Human Rights, Poland.

Authors: Michał Głowacki i Dagmara Sidyk

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